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Nov 15, 2012 4:55am EST
. >>> and hearings over the benghazi attack begin in our nation's capital. will general david petraeus speak to congressional leaders? answer is coming up on this thursday, november 15th, "good morning maryland," i'm charlie crowson. >> and i'm megan pringle. it is chilly out there. >> grab the parka lynette. >> exactly. grab a big coat with cold temperatures just like we did yesterday morning. and luckily we have some clouds around because temperatures would actually be colder than yesterday. so if you don't like the real cold weather be happy for the clouds this morning. 35 degrees right now in perry hall. and we're going to be seeing temperatures right around 30 degrees in ijamsville right now. that humidity and dew point the same -- or the dew point and the temperature right now the same and the humidity at 100%. around that area a little bit of patchy fog this morning. owings mill temperature coming in at 35 degrees right now. this is what we are going to expect. the cold weather this morning. and as we go through time, we're still going to be quite chilly this afternoon. maryland's mos
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1